Newsletter 14 – To keep you up-to date

Newsletter 14 – To keep you up-to date

Vinexpo 2019, 13 to 16 May – New measures

The 20th Vinexpo Bordeaux has implemented several new measures to help promote the trade show internationally. This year, the dates have changed, with the trade show taking place from 13 to 16 May.

According to Patrick Seguin, President of the Bordeaux Gironde Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a major shareholder of Vinexpo, the aim is to make Bordeaux the “hallmark of all Vinexpo trade shows”.

Vinexpo is also held in New York (4-5 March), Shanghai (23-25 October), Tokyo (26-28 May 2020) and, for the first time, in Paris (13-15 January 2020).In 2019, Bordeaux Vinexpo is focusing on the impact of climate change on the wine and spirits industry, both on winemaking practices and the economy.

Bordeaux City Bond and Bordeaux S.O Good are coming together

Every day during the trade show, the Bordeaux City Bond sales team will invite the company’s various clients and partners to have lunch together. This will be the ideal occasion for Bordeaux City Bond to thank them for their loyalty and discuss areas for improvement in a friendly, relaxed setting. 

Bordeaux City Bondis eco-friendly

For several years now, Bordeaux City Bond has been committed to limiting the harmful effects of climate change on the environment. Conscious of its energy consumption with regard to storing its clients’ wine, Bordeaux City Bond has joined the ZIRI territorial and industrial ecology initiative since its launch in 2014. In 2015, it enrolled in a collective electricity purchase scheme, the first of its kind implemented by Bordeaux Technowest. In line with this approach, the warehouse switched to a 100% green electricity supply in 2017, in order to significantly reduce its environmental impact and greenhouse gas emissions. It uses drop-off centres for used furniture and electrical and electronic equipment managed by Bordeaux Technowest to dispose of and recycle waste appropriately. Finally, in 2018, Bordeaux City Bond joined a group collection scheme for cardboard, plastic film, wood, paper and other non-hazardous industrial waste, to help manage their disposal. Thanks to these measures, the company better sorts and recycles waste, particularly plastic film.

The warehouse is now looking to a future combining social responsibility and an eco-friendly approach.

Chrono Viti : a new type of packaging 

Chronopost also caters to the wine industry: thanks to Chrono Viti, you can ship wine wherever you want!

Chronopost facilitates your shipments, both in France and abroad, and even helps draft your documents. In addition to its 1, 2, 3, and 6-bottle packages, Chronopost also provides a new magnum format and services at each stage, including a guide on exports, regular or on-demand pick-up of parcels, real-time tracking, as well as a dedicated international shipping service.


The ambassador of choice : Bordeaux Liquid Gold

For the 4th year running, Julian Poh, Director of Bordeaux Liquid Gold and “ambassador” of Bordeaux City Bond, has organised a Luxury Wine Tour for both his existing and potential clients, complete with tastings, lunches, and meetings with estate owners in the Bordeaux wine region. His wine tour also includes a visit to the warehouse to the delight of his clients, who appreciate the excellent conditions their wines are stored in.

En Primeur Week for the 2018 vintage 

This year, over 300 estates opened their doors from 1 to 4 April. In 2018, exports decreased by 14% by volume, while sales in French supermarkets were down 12% by volume and 7% by value, explained Allan Sichel, President of the CIVB and shareholder of Bordeaux City Bond, in French newspaper Le Figaro. “These figures are hardly surprising”, highlighted Mr. Sichel, since they reflect the historic decline in yields in 2017 (-39%, not seen since 1991, due to spring frosts) and an “uncertain global economic environment”, with a “depressed” Chinese market, “the uncertainty surrounding Brexit”, and the “current social crisis in France”.


A relaxing summer in store thanks to Bordeaux City Bond

The Bordeaux City Bond team will guarantee a continuous service throughout the summer season and their annual leave, so that their clients enjoy stress-free holidays.