Our Expertise

Our Expertise

The principal activity of Bordeaux City Bond is the storage of fine wines and related products from all over the world.
Bordeaux City Bond is an ideal solution for all professional buyers, merchants, French and international distributors and even private collectors, offering optimal financial and storage conditions in which your wines will continue to grow in character and value.

Bordeaux City Bond is a comprehensive storage solution for all fine wines and related products, from Bordeaux and from elsewhere in France or beyond, all under the same roof.

- Value Added -


Bordeaux City Bond is in the rare position of being able to offer clients a choice of 3 different fiscal and customs solutions under the same roof:

  1. RFSE (suspended fiscal dues for export)
  2. Excise duties suspended
  3. Customs import status

These options are different but complementary, offering Bordeaux City Bond clients an optimal range of fiscal and customs solutions including suspension of customs duties, excise duties or VAT for as long as the wines remain in our custody, regardless of their origin or destination.

3 Customs and tax systems for 1 warehouse


Bordeaux City Bond is a storage expert specialising in the conservation of fine wines, renowned for the impeccable technical quality of its facilities and the rigorous professionalism of its team.

  • Climate-controlled warehouse: 16° Celsius +/- 2°C
  • Specially-adapted lighting
  • Dedicated handling space to ensure wines are treated with maximum care
  • Fork-lift truck fitted with on-board camera


- Traceability -

The cases of wine stored at Bordeaux City Bond are tracked in minute detail from the moment they enter the warehouse until the moment they leave.

All movements are recorded in our confidential client records, and can be consulted via the Webvin online management interface. Clients can therefore manage their accounts, and those of their own customers, online with absolute confidentiality.

Download Traceability Schema 

- Confidentiality -

Confidentiality is of the essence for our clients. This fundamental principle is clearly stated in the Bordeaux City Bond regulations.
As specified in the contract, clients retain all rights over their property. Our clients’ names will never be displayed in the warehouse, on their cases or on their pallets. Not even Bordeaux City Bond’s shareholders have access to the client files.

- Online Management -

Webvin is a secure, flexible and intuitive online interface which allows our clients to consult and control their wine holdings remotely, in real time, while watching the handling operations in progress and managing their online orders.

The Bordeaux City Bond team are always on hand to help clients manage their holdings, with the utmost discretion, on their own behalf or on behalf of their customers.

- Insurance -

Clients are responsible for ensuring their own wines; they may choose to use the insurance policy offered by Bordeaux City Bond, or find an alternative policy.

Insurance conditions: contact us for details.