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Choose Us

In addition to the acknowledged expertise of the Bordeaux City Bond team, the three fiscal options offering the most attractive possible storage conditions for your wines, and the quality of the facilities and inspection services, Bordeaux City Bond stands apart from the competition on account of its unique legal status.
When you choose Bordeaux City Bond, you choose:

- Neutrality -

Bordeaux City Bond is a subsidiary of the Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the majority shareholder.Bordeaux City Bond is thus free to defend the best interests of its clients, committed to finding the best solution for their wines while maintaining independence and neutrality from all transporters, logistical firms and financial entities.

- Financial Security -

The majority shareholders in Bordeaux City Bond are the Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Vinexpo, providing an unbeatable guarantee of financial stability, confidentiality and neutrality in all our dealings.The financial stability of Bordeaux City Bond sets it apart from other warehouses whose capital arrangements may often be more fragile or unclear.Bordeaux City Bond is a storage solution that is financially reliable, stable and unimpeachably neutral.

- Innovation -

The very establishment of Bordeaux City Bond marked a new step forward in fiscal and customs law, and we work to continue this evolution.Bordeaux City Bond is uniquely sensitive to the demands of the market, devoted to offering solutions tailored precisely to the needs of our clients.Innovation is the raison d’être of Bordeaux City Bond, committed to providing clients with new, specialised services based around the core objective of secure storage. Services planned for the near future:
  • Temperature monitoring chips
  • Humidity monitoring chips
  • 3D stock location feature
  • Installation of a private (gated) 48-space ultra-high security cell (a separate enclosure protected by a fence and containing space for 4 rows of cases to a height of ten metres).
  • Provenance guarantee labels marked ‘Wines stored at Bordeaux City Bond’ – Location tracking during transportation
  • Wine tourism services: coordination of tours of the Bordeaux region, reservations, Châteaux visits etc.
 Bordeaux City Bond has recently established a partnership with Chronopost, aimed at developing a new service for producers and distributors who need to ship small quantities of wine within France or worldwide.

- Confidentiality -

Confidentiality is of the essence for our clients. This fundamental principle is clearly stated in the Bordeaux City Bond regulations.As specified in the contract, clients retain all rights over their property. Our clients’ names are never displayed in the warehouse, on their cases or on their pallets. Not even the shareholders have access to the Bordeaux City Bond client files.