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Bordeaux City Bond Team’s expertise makes the difference…

Ship your wines wherever you want with Chrono Viti, new : magnum packaging

All our best wishes for the new year 2019

Bordeaux City Bond : a modern underbound warehouse

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A special ultra-resistant shockproof outer packaging for cases: for a safe and sure transport

In collaboration with CHRONOVITI Bordeaux City Bond offers its clients the possibility of shipping their wine loose, in small quantities, both within France and overseas. To guarantee an optimal protection for the wine and the cases during the frequent handling required during transport, Bordeaux City Bond uses the bottle packaging and additional outer packaging for wooden cases from Eureka Logistique. A graphic demonstration using the shockproof ultra-resistant ADIPAK case!

Bordeaux City Bond and E-Provenance

Bordeaux City Bond collaborates with E-Provenance in order to establish a system for checking wine is stored in the best conditions during transport. So Bordeaux City Bond is improving its quality and innovation policy, opening the way for continuous monitoring by an independent organisation that provides objective quality data.

Tailor made services by Bordeaux City Bond

High quality personalised services to ensure customer satisfaction Whenever requested by a client Bordeaux City Bond is always ready to undertake any special preparation which is always carried out with meticulous care, whether on reception of wine or before shipment: – application of optional or regulatory labels – opening and checking of cases – replacement of tissue paper – cleaning of cases

Entering Wines in Bordeaux City Bond

In this video you can follow all our process during the entering wine in Bordeaux City Bond and you’ll understand how much We Treasure Your Wine