Our Services

Our Services

Each and every operation performed by the Bordeaux City Bond team is thoroughly planned and executed with care and precision by expert handlers.



The origin, quality and quantity of incoming cases are verified, and the customs documents validated accordingly. The cases are then assigned codes so they can be traced within the warehouse.



A special camera system is used to guide the forklift truck during handling operations. Clients are welcome to come and inspect their cases themselves, or request photos. All clients have their own dedicated spaces.



4 checking operations are conducted before the wines are allowed to leave the warehouse. All orders are prepared with utmost care. A “Bordeaux City Bond” security seal is placed on all film-wrapped pallets and the relevant customs documents are drawn up. 

- Tailored stock management services -

  • Double inspection upon reception, double check before shipping, bespoke handling operations, strict deadlines
  • Complete confidentiality regarding stocks and movements
  • Sub-account management
  • Traceability management – barcodes (tracing all movements)
  • Direct ordering
  • Assistance drawing up customs documents
  • Webvin, online management of all holdings and movements, 24/7
  • Clients can manager their own orders and holdings and those of their customers (sub-accounts) online with absolute confidentiality. Includes a feature for entering new orders.

- Bespoke Services -

  • Organisation of shipping or collection of wines.
  • Chrono Viti: all-inclusive express service for small deliveries (price includes delivery costs handling of customs obligations)
  • Photos can be taken and shared online via WEBVIN
  • Application of labels/CE/gencod/seals/stickers
  • Removal of identifying labels (removing traces, whether adhesive or glue-based)
  • Opening of wooden cases (Opening, unpacking and repacking, reuse of buffers/placeholders, reuse of the lid and sealing with staple gun)
  • Wooden case cleaning (removal of stickers using products approved by oenologists – sanding and/or colour change)
  • Pallet preparation:
  • Covers (isothermal protection)
  • Pallet weighing
  • Black film packing
Technical services / Hourly rate: technical services include all non-routine tasks (e.g.: level checks, silk paper wrapping etc.) Loading of bulk containers (subject to strict loading regulations)

- Delivery of small quantities -

For all small deliveries, producers and distributors can now make use of the brand new ‘Chrono Viti Bordeaux Gironde’ service jointly developed by Bordeaux City Bond and Chronopost, specialists in express deliveries.A highly competitive service making it easier than ever to send wine in France, and to the great wine-loving countries of Europe and the world. A service developed in response to the pressing demand from Bordeaux wine producers and merchants.Watch the video

- FolloWine – QR code labels -

In order to guarantee the origin of your wines, Bordeaux City Bond has created the FolloWine tracking solution: a secure label affixed to the bottle and featuring a QR code which, when scanned, leads you to a special page on the Bordeaux City Bond website. The special ink disappears when rubbed, then reappears in its original colour.This solution is available to all distributors and producers wishing to protect their wines against the risk of counterfeiting.> Use our Followine solutionLamont labels

- Services planned for the near future -

  • Temperature monitoring chips
  • Humidity monitoring chips
  • 3D stock location feature
Installation of a private (gated) 48-space ultra-high security cell (a separate enclosure protected by a fence and containing space for 4 rows of cases to a height of ten metres).Location tracking during transportationWine tourism services: coordination of tours of the Bordeaux region, reservations, Châteaux visits etc.