Bordeaux City Bond and Chronopost : a very positive first year

Bordeaux City Bond and Chronopost : a very positive first year

On Thursday 16 February 2017, the warehouse opened its doors to the press to celebrate the first anniversary of the partnership between BORDEAUX CITY BOND and CHRONOPOST. Agnès Grangé (La Poste Regional Delegate), Philippe Dumand (President of Bordeaux City Bond), Frédéric Bernard, (Marketing and Public Relations Director for Chronopost) and Thomas Hébrard (President and founder of U’Wine, a wine merchant dedicated to private clients), were present to welcome the journalists and spent an hour describing the background, success and development of the project. A tour of the warehouse then followed, together with an informal and warmly-appreciated buffet.


Launched 3 years ago, the Chronoviti Bordeaux Gironde service today provides a unique solution that has become essential for both producers and merchants in the Bordeaux area. Simple, rapid and interactive, it presents the best way of meeting wine industry needs in this domain. Chronoviti Bordeaux Gironde offers a complete service, including the storage, preparation and shipping of wine in bottles, within France and to over 230 countries in Europe and around the world. Bordeaux City Bond is responsible for the storage and conservation of wine in a totally secure area measuring 3,000 m², next comes the preparation, shipping and completion of customs formalities.

If the bond warehouse, created by the Bordeaux Gironde CCI, continues to look forward to a bright future, this is also due to its ambitious aim of reinforcing the competitiveness of the economic operators concerned and their overall sales package for grands vins. In addition, bottles stored in a bonded warehouse whilst awaiting export are now able to be sold on the French market.

Further strengthened by this success, the partners are planning to extend this logistics solution to other regions.

Press articles covering the public relations event held on Thursday 16 February 2017 :


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