Newsletter 5 – To keep you up-to date

Newsletter 5 – To keep you up-to date

Inventory time at Bordeaux City Bond. 

The period from Monday 4 to Friday 15 January 2016 will be dedicated to carrying out an inventory of the wines stored in the warehouse.  We would therefore advise all our clients to let us know of any movements planned for that period as soon as possible, so that both shipments and deliveries can be organised efficiently. Whilst the whole team will be working in the warehouse and devoted to the essential tasks involved in carrying out an exact precise inventory, the administrative department will only be able to provide a basic email service.

Bordeaux City Bond travels to meet its clients : in Lebanon and Southeast Asia.

In early October the President of Bordeaux City Bond, Philippe Dumand, travelled to Beirut to meet our Lebanese clients. Having a direct contact enables Bordeaux City Bond to get to know its clients better, giving a deeper understanding of their needs and requirements so that we can offer the most suitable solution for each situation. Visiting the major Lebanese wine importers also helped to enrich our knowledge of the area.

A few weeks later, at the end of October and early November, Philippe Dumand and Mélusine Ampe, Managing Director of Bordeaux City Bond, were able to spend 3 weeks visiting Shanghai, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore. By taking travelling to meet our clients on their ‘home ground’, Bordeaux City Bond is able to develop a closer relationship with them. The trip also offered another opportunity to participate in the Hong Kong WINE & SPIRITS fair that was held from 5 to 7 November 2015.


A special ultra-resistant shockproof outer packaging for cases: for a safe and sure transport.

In collaboration with CHRONOVITI Bordeaux City Bond offers its clients the possibility of shipping their wine loose, in small quantities, both within France and overseas. To guarantee an optimal protection for the wine and the cases during the frequent handling required during transport, Bordeaux City Bond uses the bottle packaging and additional outer packaging for wooden cases from Eureka Logistique. A graphic demonstration using the shockproof ultra-resistant ADIPAK case !

A new project certain to please private clients: their own personal cellar.

Bordeaux City Bond plans to make a system of personal cellars available to clients in its national warehouse. The aim is to enable private individuals to rent their own personal cellar and thus benefit from rapid access and usability. Special packaging in the Bordeaux City Bond colours is currently being developed.