Newsletter 3 – To keep you up-to date

Newsletter 3 – To keep you up-to date

Temperature under close surveillance
Real-time supervision of the cases and wines stored by Bordeaux City Bond should become a reality in January 2015 following the installation of the new Cellar Monitor and 4 wireless sensors strategically placed throughout the warehouse. Should the temperature exceed the alert threshold, Bordeaux City Bond will be notified immediately by mail, enabling them to react rapidly to restore warehouse temperatures to the desired 15 degrees.

All data and charts will be accessible by customer via an Online Monitoring System database. A new technology developed by eProvenance.


Sensors to accurately monitor shipment conditions
Bordeaux City Bond is currently in discussions with eProvenance to enable their customers to benefit from a major technological innovation. The sensor developed by eProvenance accurately monitors and records the shipping and storage conditions of wine throughout the world. The high-tech sensors of this patented system are linked to an on-line data base which records temperature, humidity and geo-location. Based on standard RFID and NFC technology the data can be downloaded from the sensors by smartphone. This service should be available from January 2015.

Small shipments, price optimisation
Bordeaux City Bond has made small shipments more cost effective thanks to:
logofondblanc“Chronoviti Bordeaux Gironde”, a one stop shop solution launched by their partner Chronopost International, offering a negotiated, ultra-competitive, shipping rate, a range of packaging for 1, 3 or 6 bottles and including customs document handling.
– Multiple-format, light-weight, moulded wooden palettes. Using the right palette for the number of cases to be shipped avoids any unnecessary loss and ensures an optimal weight/volume price.


High quality personalised services to ensure customer satisfaction
Whenever requested by a client Bordeaux City Bond is always ready to undertake any special preparation which is always carried out with meticulous care, whether on reception of wine or before shipment:
– application of optional or regulatory labels
– opening and checking of cases
– replacement of tissue paper
– cleaning of cases


Visit by the Lamont Group, owner of 27 Bordeaux châteaux
A Bordeaux City Bond partner since 2012, the Lamont Group directors made the trip from Beijing to find out more about the warehouse computerised tracking system for cases which are stored anonymously. Bordeaux City Bond may well develop its technology further with the Chinese group…
Link to the Lamont Group


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