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Newsletter 4 – To keep you up-to date

Bordeaux City Bond : Spotlight on the administrative and logistics staff A discreet and courteous welcome in line with the image Bordeaux City Bond wants to convey. An accessible and professional team that helps its customers both storing wine securely in the warehouse and with the export and customs regulations. Transport solutions are also available on request. Despite sustained growth, the team continues to listen and strives to meet deadlines for customer satisfaction.   Young wines 2015 : Bordeaux City […]

Newsletter 3 – To keep you up-to date

Temperature under close surveillance Real-time supervision of the cases and wines stored by Bordeaux City Bond should become a reality in January 2015 following the installation of the new Cellar Monitor and 4 wireless sensors strategically placed throughout the warehouse. Should the temperature exceed the alert threshold, Bordeaux City Bond will be notified immediately by mail, enabling them to react rapidly to restore warehouse temperatures to the desired 15 degrees. All data and charts will be accessible by customer via […]

Newsletter 2 – to keep you up-to date

Bordeaux City Bond, inimitable expertise Equipped with 2 storage areas, RFSE (suspended fiscal dues for export) and National, Bordeaux City Bond excels in: > protecting the confidentiality and security of their customer’s information > managing sub-accounts for private individuals > providing guaranteed air-conditioned and totally secure storage > ensuring total control over wine entries and shipments > accurately tracking wine in storage A team that is 100% client-dedicated A totally professional team whose purpose is to guide, advise and inform […]